Plastic & TPE products

Injection molding of plastic

The most important fields of application for our products include the automotive, electrical, mechanical and agriculture machine industry. From the idea to the volume production stage, your individual requirements form the focus of all our actions. Our engineers offer you their support in the selection of materials and component design based on the plastic types used.

A team of experienced designers and our own tooling shop are on hand to offer a precisely dimensioned and economical solution for every application.

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TPE elastomer products are being used in consumer products, industrial products, medical device components, electrical products and in almost every other industry. Industrial, electronics, and medical OEMs are using TPE to combine housing and sealing components into one, increasing efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. Vibration dampers and valve/pump combination components also utilize TPE elastomers.

TPE elastomer products have evolved; and TPE materials are made with better elasticity, surface COF, more colors, higher tear strength, more bondability to other substrates and higher heat performance. Many of these properties have improved, but there are still properties that only rubber can deliver.