Rubber products

What we offer

Currently, we have more than five hundred rubber products in our production program and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. The starting point for ensuring our product quality is ISO 9001-2008 standard, which is evidenced by a large number of renowned customers from different industrial fields who have given us their trust and confidence.

We service the industrial areas such as: automotive, engineering, construction, power generation, etc., with the following product groups:

  • Wheels
  • Products with the rubber and metal connection
  • Products with the rubber and plastic connection
  • Rubber powder bumper
  • Rubber cuffs
  • Sealing rubber elements
  • Rubber membranes
  • Different types of rubber capsules, etc.

We use the raw materials produced in our own mixing plant to manufacture our products, while certain quantity of rubber stocks is purchased from renowned European suppliers. Our experience is supported by the fact that we have developed over 2.000 recipes for various rubber products, and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. We can produce rubber stocks for different applications developed in accordance with world standards:

  • Raw materials used for gas sealing (EN 549, EN 682)
  • Raw materials used for water supply sealing (KTW, W270)
  • Raw materials for automotive industry (DBL 5556.30, DBL 5561.22, Hella N38 014, VW 2.8.1 etc…)
  • Non-flammable raw materials (DIN 4102)
    Raw materials for sanitary devices (EN 681)
    Raw materials for construction machines (DIN 7863) etc…

We have production equipment which we use in compression pressing and injection production technology, which in combination with our experience means that we can produce almost any part made from rubber.

We produce parts in the series ranging from 100 to more than 10.000.000 a year, which can be achieved only with excellent internal organisation and very low percent of non-conformed products. The parts we currently produce weigh from 0.5 g to 10 kg per the heaviest piece at the moment. We have specially trained staff engaged in finishing, 100% control and packing of end-products, and the possibility of errors and deficiencies is reduced to the minimum.

We also have the tool workshop equipped with modern machines (more details on the tool workshop is available – here) and modern CAD/CAM software tools to meet the customers’ requirements. You can send us 2D, 3D models in STEP or IGES format or sample and we will design and create the tool within the shortest term in our tool workshop and deliver the requested product to the designated address within the shortest term.