Future Plans

Our priorities

The ecology and preservation of natural resources are the global strategic priority. Bearing this in mind, Largo prepares to implement ISO 14001 Environmental management systems standard.

The increase of our production capacities imposes also the obligation for constant education of the professional staff of different expertise in Serbia and abroad.

Bearing aware that modern business conditions demand continuous modernization “Largo” shall during the next period place the funds to the procurement of new manufacture equipment, modern softwares and information systems.


Plans for the future

The further expanding of the production area for rubber compounding is planed for year 2021 when we plan to start using new production plant of 2.500 m/2.

Further investments in the procurement of new equipment for tool-shop are planned for 2021.

In year 2021 – 2022 we plan to build new production area of 2.000 m/2 where we will move our metal stamping production.

In 2022, it is planned to expand the capacity in two production halls within the existing production complex, with an area of ​​2500 m/2. Also, the expansion of the production complex is planned at a location 7 km away from the company center, area of ​​3000 m/2, which will include the main warehouse, with installation and  quality control sectors as well, and some of the injection molding machines. Further automation of production processes is planned, as well as additional procurement and modernization for the production of rubber compounds.