Injection molding

Injection molding technology

We have capacities for production of rubber, LSR (liquid silicone) and plastic parts using injection molding technology with our available equipment.

We own 20 machines for rubber injection with the possibility to produce rubber parts from 0.05 g up to 4500 g per piece.

We own 5 machines for LSR injection molding with the set of the same number of automatic dozers as well as color dozers. The sizes of the pieces we are able to produce are from 0.05 g to 150 g per piece.

We own 6 machines for plastic mass injection of the clamping force from 25t to 400t. We have the capacity to produce plastic pieces weighting from 1g to 1.5kg depending on the pieces geometry.

We produce all injection molding tools in our own tool room. For more details view this page.