In addition to tools production for our own use, we have the production capacity to offer our toolroom services externally. Our advantage is experience and expert knowledge of solving all problems connected to both sample and mass production.

All of the tools Largo uses in the production of rubber, silicone ( LSR and HTV ) and plastic products are manufactured in our own state of the art toolroom. This practice guarantees high quality of our final products, and creates optimal conditions for the production of new products.

Our toolroom has CNC milling machines, a CNC erosion machine, a CNC wire erosion machine, a CNC lathe machine as well as a large number of specialized machine tools. The tools are designed and produced according to 2D and 3D drawings, or samples, and with the help of modern CAD/CAM programs for CNC machines.

Largo has the capacity to produce, with great precision, tools of various shapes, forms, and sizes of up to 1.000 mm x 600 mm. For the production of our own tools, we using only top of the line components from reliable and reputable suppliers such as HASCO, BÖHLER, FIBRO, MEUSBURGER etc.